For any general queries, please contact us at or use the list below to contact a GIM Fellow in your area.

GIM Fellow and GIM Primary Trainer:

Kobie Temmingh Swart

Qualifications GIM Fellow and GIM Primary Trainer, registered with AMI (Association for Music and Imagery)
Music Therapist, M.Mus. (Music Therapy), Southern Methodist University, Dallas, USA, registered with the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) and SAMTA (South African Music Therapy Association)
MARI Practitioner (
Location Johannesburg
Cell Phone 083 656 4737
About Kobie offers workshops aimed at personal and creative development, using GIM and the creative arts therapies. She also offers individual and group GIM sessions and Music Therapy sessions. She believes in and has witnessed and experienced the powerful therapeutic potential of music, GIM and the creative arts therapies.

GIM Fellows:

Christel Andersen (Engelbrecht)

Qualifications Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) Fellow
Location Pretoria, occasionally also Cape Town and KZN
Cell Phone 082-3967806
About Christel is an individual and group facilitator, who uses a wide variety of modalities to access the universal language of symbol: GIM – Guided Imagery and music, sound healing, process art, MARI, numerology, shamanic practices, nature and soul holidays. The various processes allow her clients to go on a journey of discovery into their own consciousness – unlocking their full human potential. This facilitates spiritual and personal growth, transformation and healing. Christel believes in the healing power of symbol, expressed especially through music and art, as well as each individuals own potential to heal themselves.

Jennifer Blenkinsop

Qualifications Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) Fellow
Bachelor of Science (Occupational Therapy)
Certified Hand Therapist (USA)
Complex Lymphoedema Therapist (Casely-Smith)
Location Johannesburg
Cell Phone 082-828-7024
About Jennifer is specialising in Hand and Upper Limb Rehabilitation, Management of Lymphoedema in Oncology related and non-oncology related conditions. The state of or inner world directly affects our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. My special interest is to use Guided Imagery and Music to foster and facilitate transformation in our inner worlds. This transformation can enable us to better manage and experience our relationships, our spiritual lives, health problems, our life and our death. My focus will be with people with health problems, cancer survivors and the terminally ill, as well as people seeking personal and spiritual growth and healing.

Cynthia Cullingworth

Qualifications Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) Intern
Registered Psychological Counsellor
Trauma Counsellor
Location George and Garden Route
Cell Phone 0795208198
About Cynthia is in private practice, but also works several hours a month for the Family and Marriage Society of South Africa (FAMSA). She counsels mainly adults and older teens, covering a wide spectrum of life issues; GIM forms a valuable part of therapy. Her specialisation is Trauma Counseling, and she is especially interested in working with women in difficult circumstances.

Karen de Kock

Qualifications Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) Fellow
Music Therapist & Sound Therapist
Private Practice: Individuals and Groups
Location Irene, Pretoria
Cell Phone 084-7927865
Land Line 012-6674224
About Karen qualified as a Music Therapist at the University of Pretoria in 2003. She attended Johnathan Goldmans’ Healing Sounds Intensive in Colorado in 2006 and Jill Purce’s The Healing Voice in Santa Fe in 2008. She combines Music Therapy with Sound Healing and GIM in her sessions at a Private Psychiatric Clinic in Pretoria. She runs a practise from home as well as offering Workshops in healing with the voice and Imagery. She also runs a Caring for Carers programme for staff in an institution, creating a space for self expression and processing of the stresses of a demanding profession.

Petra Jerling

Qualifications HPCSA registered Music Therapist (M. Mus)
Positive Psychology practitioner (MA Positive Psychology)
MARI practitioner
Registered Music Therapist
AMI registered GIM Fellow
Location Nelspruit
About Petra runs a private practice where she works with different clientele from small children to elderly people. She has a special interest in Substance Use Disorder and how music therapy, especially GIM, can make a difference in the healing process. She is currently registered with NWU for her Ph.D in Psychology.

Dr. Carol Lotter (Ph.D)

Qualifications Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Fellow.
MMus (Music Therapy), UP Music Therapy Training Programme Music Department
Location Pretoria
Land Line 012-4205372
Fax 012-4204517
About Carol Lotter is the Co-ordinator of the MMus (Music Therapy) Training Programme and BMus (Hons) Music Communication, at the University of Pretoria. She has a private practice working with both adults and children, employing both conventional Music Therapy techniques, as well as GIM techniques. Carol is involved in training counsellors and clinicians in using creative strategies in clinical settings and is involved in various community initiatives.

Diane Maris

Qualifications Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Fellow, registered with AMI (Association for Music and Imagery)
MARI Practitioner and trainer
Professional Musician & Art Process Facilitator
Location Cape Town
Cell Phone 082-926-0548
Land Line 021-683-9009
Fax 021-671-0539
About Diane has a special interest in the therapeutic value of the creative arts. She uses GIM and MARI with individuals and groups of all ages to stimulate creativity, self-awareness and deep personal transformation. Her years as a percussionist with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra, have given her tools for offering support to performing musicians through music listening, imaging and creative expression using art materials. She also teaches pre-school music, focusing on the joy of shared song and movement while accessing imagination through story.

Helen Oosthuizen

Qualifications GIM Fellow
Music Therapist (MMus (Music Therapy)), registered with the HPCSA (AT0000612)
Location Hilton, Pietermaritzburg
Cell Phone 082 482 5906
About Helen currently runs a private practice facilitating workshops, groups and individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults struggling with illness, disability, trauma and those interested in personal, professional and/or spiritual formation. Helen has specialised in working with groups of young people who have committed offences. She is currently pursuing PhD studies on this work with Melbourne University, Australia. Helen is a co-editor for the book: Taking Music Seriously: Stories for South African Music Therapy, has published journal articles and book chapters on music therapy and currently serves as an editor for the online journal: Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy.

Anja Pollard

Qualifications Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Fellow.
Music Therapist (MMus (Music Therapy)), registered with the HPCSA
Professional Musician (Voice and saxophone)
Location Pretoria East
Cell Phone 084 206 8471
About Anja runs a therapy practice focused on promoting mental wellness through the creative arts. She is an avid advocate for Maternal Mental Health and has a special interest in supporting parents of premature infants. She also works with a variety of other client populations affected by physical-, emotional-, cognitive- and interpersonal challenges, as well as clients interested in personal and spiritual growth. Her private practice is a calm space where clients develop and learn to use personal strategies for adapting well in their circumstances.

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